Of observation

For every Phrenologist either practising or a seeker who is Phrenophile every outing can be an opportunity to sharpen their skills. A restful afternoon tea, a journey via public conveyance or even a post prandial ambulation can offer occasion for some correlation between discreet observation and behavioural trait.

Whilst etiquette and simple, natural good manners may prevent  interference under a ladies bonnet in public and rarely may one produce the cranioscope in the company of complete strangers, a windblown hat or a naked balding head proffers instance to advance our knowledge.

Consider; The person evading their fare are they displaying an excess of the selfish propensities, tempered with a deficiency of cautiousness? The lounge lizard of the tea dance pressing his unwanted suit is he displaying an excess of self esteem with a deficiency of the moral sentiments? Reference those indicative bumps and depressions, reflecting the organs of the brain, make an estimation of the relative magnitudes and note them, a circumspect measurement sighted along an outstretched palm will assist. Remember to include an index of class.

Observation is all, the method by which we progress our art, our dear science, as Arthur Conan Doyle remarked, Never trust to general impressions, my boy, but concentrate yourself upon details”

So get out, get about, observe, record, the laboratory of the World awaits.

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